News Updates
NTPL announces the launch of a specialised portal for properties on auction by banks in India. The portal offers advanced Search features like Search based on Type of Property , City , State, Minimum Bid Amount range. You can also search based on any Bank. This portal gives the banks a global audience for their auction notices which is not normally possible with the conventional ways of advertising in the print media.While some individual banks display such notices on their websites, for the user, it becomes impossible to search for websites of all banks for any property of his interest. For more information on the portal, please contact

NTPL completes implementation of customised CRM solution at a leading Manufacturing company. The solution enables the orgnisation to proactively be in touch with end customers even though they have a wide dealer network. The software enables the CRM team to schedule different types of calls to different classes of customers and automatically alert for follow up calls , incereasing the efficiency of the CRM team. The software features automatic email generation, escalation processes and intelligent reports.

NTPL completes implementation of Pre-Sales and Post Sales CRM solution at a renowned Real Estate Development company. This solution enables the Organisation to easily manage sales leads and schedule site visit and further follow ups with prospective customers.

The Post sale module enables the organisation to track payments, send reminders and complete the transactions. The Management can generate various reports like Cash Flow reports, Profitability reports, payment forecasts etc.
NTPL completes implementation of Network Access Control solution from Bradford Networks, USA, at a leading Government Research Laboratory. Customer has 1500 Users in the Network, They wanted only authorized persons be able to access the network resources as they are highly confidential. To keep track of each user by the IT staff will be a tedious and impossible task. After the implementation of Network Access Control, Security policy has been set to identify all network devices, like laptops, desktops, servers, printers, as registered devices on the network only authorized devices will be allowed in to the network. Network Access Control helps in verifying each network userís identity using industry standard authentication protocols. It provides users with network access based on parameters assigned to a distinct group of which they are a part. Identifies and isolates suspect users from the production network by switching them to a different VLAN. It will also automatically check for required software and the latest virus definitions and quarantine the machine if it fails.
NTPL completes migration of domain controller to LDAP at a leading Global food processing company. Open LDAP has been implemented on SUSE 10.2 Linux Operating System, at the customer site in four locations. IT staff can manage the Users and Resources Centrally from the Head Office. Samba Server with a LDAP backend serves as a domain controller at each location. This cost effective solution has benefited the customer to save on subscription charges and Licensing cost.